Blended finance to support execution!

According to the European Investment Bank, local budgets will need an additional €352 billion annually to meet the EU 2030 sustainability goals. Our mission is to enable the city to meet its goals by presenting a blended finance model engaging investors and technologies to support an effective and transparent partnership.


Energy Transition requires heavy investments in decarbonisation but also results in significant savings and new revenue lines.
LED lamps, for example, can reduce the energy bill to less than 30% but represents a heavy investment in replacing working lampposts.
To avoid suffocating the local budget and still meet sustainable development needs, partnering with Smart City investors and operators in a blended financial and operational model is critical for progress.
The Blended finance model means the Partner will fund and build the necessary urban infrastructure and return such investment via a share of its savings.
But building such a partnership starts by building trust between partners! Innovate city is recognised globally as a trustful link between local administrations and investors! Our building expertise and technology deliver transparency and a reliable plan for building trusting relationships!


Like every renting operation, the infrastructure belongs to the investment fund until it ultimately pays off. Transparency plays a critical role in the ownership process. A correct and real-time calculation of the return on investment combined with its impact on the city’s development is vital for the global perception of a win-win relationship.
The development of the local economy heavily depends on its investment attraction but can’t be at the cost of the public realm. The strength of a consistent blended finance partnership relies on its transparency via a real-time perception of each one’s positioning. As experts in bridging this partnership, our Digital Twin system is the foundation of a transparent relationship in every development stage.


InnovateCity was never a supplier but rather the operator of a Smarter City! Operating a Smarter City means supporting the local government to establish a favourable regulatory framework for thriving local sustainable development and aligning local communities and businesses to innovative urban operations. By successfully building such an urban foundation, the city becomes attractive to investors.
We intend to be recognised as the world’s most trustful Smart City operator! Our technology and expertise turn us into preferred operational support by investors and local governments. Operating the infrastructure while the investment is amortised is the critical trust leveller between the parts involved.


Transferring the operation to the new owner once the investment has been paid off is a critical success factor in the entire process. Such a process must be smooth and imperceptible to users while meeting every part’s expectations to act as another stepping stone to future partnerships.
To guarantee a smooth transfer, we at InnovateCity, work on engaging local communities and businesses in the process of ownership. We can set up a local cluster to operate it directly under our guidance or a local supplier network to work with our operational centre. While we operate the infrastructure, we are committed to developing efficient local teams, and by doing so, we contribute to the city’s economic development.

Both investors and governments trust us to stand as the execution link of a win-win partnership!

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1. Smart Lighting

Apply sensors on every lamppost! The result is an urban communication network and real-time insights to plan the city's energy transition.

Public Lighting sensing

2. Energy Management System

Probably the most advanced Energy Management System for cities! Build an effective Energy Transition plan based on evidence from Smart Lighting sensors and using AI.

Planning the Transition