Evidence-based planning

Effective Planning means rapid Returns On Investments by simulating the need and usage upfront. All that is possible by collecting real-time data into a Digital Twin system that enables scenario simulations using AI.

Sensing the city

Data is one of the engines for progress! It is the entry point to data economy and AI. Develop an efficient data collection strategy by retrofitting current infrastructure with a modular approach combining different sensors according to the specific need of each geography. Collected data will allow you a new level of efficiency based on real-time evidence and simulation. Our open-source data platform allows a “bring-your-own-IoT” policy and boosts local data economy and progress.

Remote control of Public Lighting

Apply Smart Lighting sensors on every lamppost to thoroughly understand its consumption and emissions! The investment will pay off in the short term thanks to the new ability to control it remotely. Our Energy Management Platform (EMS) provides complete control of the lampposts allowing you to schedule when to turn them on and off depending on their specific needs. The savings from the efficient use of energy will pay off the investment. At the same time, it provides further insights and ways to improve.

Beyond remotely controlling the lampposts, control its cost!

Our EMS offers a new level of control: control over the energy cost! From a complete overview of every energy-related cost (maintenance, purchase and consumption) for each street individually to the ability to program street lighting behaviour results in complete control over energy cost and the possibility to plan savings.

Contract Management

Our Energy Management System (EMS) is one of the very few worldwide that includes contract management with direct control of energy budgets and lampposts.
Thanks to our system’s AI engine, our EMS can automatically keep costs under the budget by controlling the lampposts not to consume over than planned.

A plan is what stands between information and execution. Both depend on it

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1. Smart Lighting

Apply sensors on every lamppost! The result is an urban communication network and real-time insights to plan the city's energy transition.

Public Lighting sensing


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