Join us at Nordic Edge to co-create an Energy community. 

Nordic Edge will stage the launch of the new strategy proposed by and its European Network of City Policy Labs.
To thrive in the post-pandemic ‘new normality’ cities must develop a Future Building Ecosystem (FBE). has been actively developing the tools, methods and technologies to support a successful action of leading the new paradigm shift towards an all-inclusive urban sustainable development.
In our workshop on September 23rd at 14:00, we will launch our Sustainable Development Canvas developed in collaboration with UN University.
In the workshop, the same canvas will be used in co-creating Energy Communities as proposed by the Green Deal.
Investors, energy service providers, municipalities and every citizen that wish to join us will have the possibility to use this standard platform to co-create an energy community.
We intend to explain the dynamics of our co-creation canvas but is also possible to talk and share experiences about developing energy communities and perhaps connecting different communities towards an application to the green deal.
The only limitation is our capacity to co-create.

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Join us! Be part of the global community, learn our tools and co-create the next paradigm shift from the Green Deal: energy communities!
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