Join the FBE (Future Building Ecosystem). A global taskforce to a sustainable transition.

From the pandemic, cities have perceived they all face similar problems, and people have taken the initiative to be part of the solution in collaborative portals and initiatives like EUvsVIrus Hackathon that was the world’s largest-ever organised.
The ‘next normality’ means taking advantages from this mindset. Resilience doesn’t mean to be prepared for anything. This recent pandemic has demonstrated we are never prepared for everything. Resilience means that the community is ready to join forces to deal with any unexpected situation co-creating the solution. It is about the process, not the result.
It is part of the local government’s mission to lead this paradigm shift via developing the Future Building Ecosystem and bringing together all the stakeholders (governments, academia, business and citizens) to co-create innovative solution using the Open Innovation 2.0 model.

The starting point is to have a team from local governance that will manage the governmental approach to the city sustainable development. A team that launch city missions and manage other stakeholder’s mission approaches by organising co-creation sessions using’ sustainable innovation canvas.

Why is FBE so critical for future development?

The Bank of America has announced that there will be a new world order after the pandemic. The world economic forum has alerted to the fact that if we get our policy responses to COVID-19 wrong, we risk exacerbating the climate crisis. But it also provides us with a massive opportunity to build back better. EU has pointed the way with the Green Deal!

Cities and countries are facing a critical crossroad: from one side is the economic recovery at all cost (at the expense of the planet and future generations), on the other side a new paradigm based on sustainable development.

The same way cities developed reaction forces to deal with an emergency; it is now vital to create a Future Building Ecosystem (FBE) to manage the ‘next normal’ sustainably!

We, at the European Network of City Policy Labs, believe the only efficient way to address the future challenges is to create and train a local team to start a consistent model of co-creation. We call those teams FBE – Future Building Ecosystem.

Start now an FBE in your city!

If you are part of any local government contact us and we will guide you on the process. If you want your city to develop an FBE, sign up now, and we’ll help you make it happen!


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