Start by fast and hyperconnected city!

The 2021 Mayoral Manifesto pledged to create an Emerging Technology Charter for London was motivated by the premise that only now we reached the correct timing to build a Smart City due 5G will enable a new paradigm shift. Currently coined as Cognitive City, that paradigm shift will only be possible in cities with a proper 5G infrastructure.

5G Lampposts: outdoor infrastructure

5G infrastructure is different from 4G: it requires more proximity!
5G network has a smaller range. Installing 5G antennas where the city has 4G simply will not work. For a city, it means new ways to get more revenue from the public space! But city design also needs to not overload the streets with new poles with more antennas.

Our proposal is to install 5G in existing lampposts: not only will deliver the proximity 5G requires but will also provide the communication infrastructure to turn it into a smart lamppost!

Build a Cognitive City!

5G neural network city

By using 5G lampposts and bringing the correct proximity range of this network we are creating the basis for a massive adoption of 5G. Buildings will also use 5G increasing the proximity and accessibility of the network while opening a completely new world of living possibilities. Concepts like living buildings, self-managed home robotics, and cognitive houses combined with self-driving vehicles communicating with each other (vehicle-to-vehicle communication) in real-time video using generative AI to train us exactly on what we need to know at the moment we need to solve a situation are just some possible nearby futures.

5G Neural Network City

AI on 5G!
A neural 5G infrastructure is at the core of all these possibilities. It combines distinct levels of edge computing equipped with machine learning and MLL capabilities in order to take the proper actions with a higher level of prediction and problem mitigation for the local communities. This local AI edge computing infrastructure is connected to the cloud feeding the Digital Twin City platform with actionable predictions. There, the city planning cognitive engine will orchestrate all local  AI edge computing nodes to locally act according to main city directives.

Pioneer cities building a 5G infrastructure will lead the cognitive cities paradigm

5G infrastructure

Ultrafast and hyper-connected city.

5G infrastructure

AI city sensing

Beyond the Internet of Things (IoT) to Intelligence of Things!

Cognitive AI

City Digital Twin

The city becomes a learning platform for sustainable development.

Cognitive Digital Twin

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2. Energy Transition Plan

Build an effective Energy Transition plan based on evidence from Smart Lighting sensors and using AI.

Planning the Transition


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